What is the Human Brochure?

The Human Brochure is a collection of first-hand accounts of our nation’s capital. It’s written by you and other like-minded people who have enjoyed some of the many great experiences Canberra has to offer. The content of the brochure is created when you share your experiences online and in print.

Why create a Human Brochure?

It’s time you wrote the content to promote Canberra. That’s why we’re opening Canberra to 500 humans to let you, the people, decide. Rather than the usual things marketers write about, you have the opportunity to share your genuine experience. It’s honest, open and real – by the people for the people. The human brochure is, as far as we know, a world first.

Who is running the Human Brochure?

The human brochure is an initiative of Australian Capital Tourism. We’re working with our local tourism industry to bring you to Australia’s capital city to experience what’s on offer. Our industry has, what we consider to be, some of the finest experiences in Australia. We want to share them with you so you can share them with others.

Why a brochure?

There is nothing more genuine than word of mouth and real experiences. Sure, we can sing our own praises. But at the end of your visit, it’s your experience that counts. So we’re taking a bold step and leaving the first word, the next word and the last word to you. Plus, you get to tell your friends, followers, families and fellows what you experienced in the capital city of Australia.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. We bring you to Canberra for a weekend. You get to choose your preferred itinerary: family fun, soft adventure, foodies, arts and culture. Then all we ask is that you blog, post, tweet and share your experience before you arrive, while you’re here and when you get home. People can then follow you online and learn first-hand what it’s like here. The posts and content all come together to form the brochure online and in print. 

What’s in it for me?

You get accommodation, main meals, entry to venues and attractions, and the opportunity to meet some incredible locals and experience the home of the Australian story. What's more, you get to make new friends and share a common experience. We’re lining up great Canberra experiences featuring memorable and engaging activities with talented and accomplished people who call Canberra their home. At a bare minimum, you will see the capital in a whole new light.

Who can I bring?

You can bring a partner, a friend, your family (up to two children) or a relative. Please ensure they’re human (no pets allowed). Of course they will also be asked to share their experience of Canberra too, so make sure they’re as comfortable with social media as you are.

What am I expected to do in return?

We ask that you share your experiences in words and images through social media. We’d also like to use those posts to assemble the Human Brochure to share with people through our publications, websites and social media. We ask that you be honest and frank in talking about the things you’ve seen and done.

Who keeps all this content?

The copyright for anything you create naturally stays with you. We ask for permission (non-exclusive licence) to reuse words, video and images in our publications. Obviously, if you publish it through your social media channels, people like Facebook keep their share too. We’ll always credit you wherever we can when we use anything and we will not sell it to anyone else. If it’s the best photo in the world, we’ll ask you especially if we can use it for other purposes.

How do you select people?

We are looking for a mix of people who have something to say and who have people who listen to them. We’re open about the fact that we’d love to find people to become advocates of their nation’s capital. It doesn’t matter what you know about Canberra, we’re seeking people who want to share their discoveries and who have integrity, honesty and credibility in what they say and do.

What do I need to bring?

It’s spring in the nation’s capital. Generally, the days are warm and nights are cool. Bring your basic travel items, and a range of clothing for outdoors and indoors. Some smart clothes are a must for a few great functions we have planned. If you’re in for a little adventure, bring outdoor clothes, a jacket and some basic outdoor wear including runners or hiking boots.

What’s the itinerary?

A finalised itinerary will be sent to you if you’re selected. Rest assured there will be downtime to reflect on what just happened and to catch your breath.  Put it this way; you won’t be bored or at a loose end.

How will I know if I’m successful?

You’ll be the first to know as we will notify you directly if you’re in. If you’re not chosen, you can still follow what’s happening on our Facebook wall and you’re most welcome to join in the conversation.

So what are the steps and key dates?

It’s pretty straightforward. There’s the application period, next we’ll select the successful applicants, then let you know if you are in and then it’s on.

  1. Apply online to join the Human Brochure at
  2. Applications open from 9am on Monday 13 August 2012.
  3. You have until Friday 21 September to apply. Entries close at midnight.
  4. Successful applicants will be notified by Monday 1 October 2012.
  5. The weekends are on from 26-28 October 2012 and 15-17 February 2013.

What if I have any other questions?

We’re human too. There might be a few things that aren’t mentioned here. You can email us at or call us on 1300 727 655.


What better way to learn about a place than through the eyes of people who have been there?

That’s why we’re creating the world’s first Human Brochure, so everyday Australians can share their stories of all the great things to see and do in our nation’s capital.

To begin, we’re looking for 500 HUMANS to treat to a weekend in Canberra. They’ll prove that when you look closely, there’s an abundance of attractions, experiences and fun you can have here.

Canberra has something for everyone. Whether you’re a family, foodie, adventure seeker, lover of art and culture, or all of the above, we guarantee you’ll have an amazing weekend.

And as we celebrate Canberra’s Centenary, what better time to invite the world to come and experience our wonderful city first hand.

So get involved, get your friends involved, and come and see us. We know you’ll find more than you expected.

We hope to see you soon.

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